Medical Office Cleaning

You can trust the medical office cleaning services of HC Janitorial Inc to be the best in Santa Cruz.

Medical Office Cleaning

Medical Office Cleaning | HC Janitorial Inc - Santa Cruz, CA

If there is any location that must be kept clean and sanitary, it is a health facility or doctor’s office. We at HC Janitorial Inc in Santa Cruz, CA specialize in medical office cleaning that exceeds health standards, but won’t exceed your budget.

At HC Janitorial Inc, we understand the importance of proper sanitation medical facilities need, as well as the type of medical office cleaning that will improve the appearance and will be a comfort to patients or other visitors. Whether you are a doctor’s office, pharmaceutical operation, health department, or medical clinic, we can keep your hospital clean.

Our medical office cleaning services can be tailored to your specific needs. But our services will always keep you within the requirements provided by OSHA, HIPAA, Blood-Borne Pathogens, or any other regulation.

The chemicals and processes we use at HC Janitorial Inc are all the industry’s safest. Our nonabrasive, environmentally friendly products will never cause your patients irritation.

Our medical office cleaning services include:

• Window cleaning
• Floor maintenance
• Recycling programs
• Carpet cleaning and maintenance
• Bathroom cleaning and sanitizing
• Refuse removal
• Surface cleaning and sanitizing
• And more

We use only the best products and the most up-to-date equipment that will help reduce the chances of the spread of germs and infectious diseases. Our Hepa vacuums, for example, have four levels of filters.

For top-quality sanitizing and medical office cleaning in Santa Cruz, contact the specialists at HC Janitorial Inc for an initial consultation and free estimate.